Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Shyan

Introducing Myself 
Hello,my name is Shyan and this is my blog post to introduce myself.My favourite colour is turquise because it has green and blue in it.My favourite foods are bacon,banana cake and chicken chip caserole.Every year I love to go camping with my family at our favourite lake about 2 or 3 hours away from the city.I like reading and swim on the beach and ride on our quad.But sometimes we go to diffrent places.I've been to billings,bismark,madora and nickel lake.I love being outside when it is summer and sometimes when it is winter.I love to read book seiries called nancy drew and the clue crew I'm on book #13 the zoo crew.I love my family I love mom and my dad and my sister and my brother they are all amazing and I love them all.I love my school and my teacher Ms.Brace she is great she was the one who let me do this post that has come 
The End 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Azmied

                    All About me

Hello my name is Azmied. I like to do in school is math i like multiplikation.

I like to do daily 5 i am doing blogger

of the day. I like gym because i like to run

around to get more energy to run faster.

Karter is my friend we play outside

together  we play tag and hide and go

seek. My birthday was on april 1. I am

going to have my birthday party next

Saturday outside. I am going to play

soccer outside. I am going to go outside and play soccer now because it is recess. Bye!    

Blogger of the Day- Omama

I like to play games. I like to play soccer and card games.I like to do math games. I like to do math. I like to go outside and play games. I like to play dress up. I play with my baby  abdullah. I love Pakistan. I am from Pakistan. It’s a cool place. There are four bedrooms in my home in Pakistan. We wanted to come to Regina. There’s cool fruit in Pakistan. I like fruit in Regina. Goodbye.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Fatma

all about me

Hello my name is Fatma  and my favourite  teacher is ms. brace. She is the most beautiful and generous teacher in this world. I wish next year I have ms.brace again in grade 4  because she creates great field trips like agribition. Thats the field trip I  was looking forward to it.I wish  next year I have a field trip just like that again. Thank you my friends. 

Blogger of the Day- Guneet

about my life
Hello there i’m going to talk about my life. Now I’m going to talk about my favourite activities.They are  drawing with my friends and coloring pictures because i just love it. Next up my favourite thing to do at school is daily five. My most favourite thing to do at daily five is google docs and work on writing. The next thing is my favourite food it’s mcdonalds and subway even saled. Now my favourite fruits are mango and apples even peaches. Next my favourite colour is purple and gold too. Next up my favourite teachers are mrs. Kimmie  and miss. Brace.They are my favourite teachers. Next up my favourite cards are pokemon because they are so fun. Now my next thing is my favourite toy. It is lego friends and monster high dolls even ever after high dolls too. Now my favourite shows is pokemon and my most favourite show is winx club and my favourite character in winx is daphne and bloom.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Rayne

all about me

Hello my name is Rayne.1st I like playing roblox my favourite game in the world.2nd I like going to my grandma's house.3rd I like playing outside with my friends.4th I like wearing shorts and

t shirts.I like playing at school with my friends at recess. I like phys-ed at school thats my favourite thing at school.I like daily 5 3rd favourite thing in school.I like jumping on the trampoline and fighting with my friend lex and antwon and antwon number 2 and justin at grandma`s house. Bye bye my friends

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Basit

Hello my name is basit.I like five nights at freddys its one of my favorite game its a horror game its very fun they made the 3rd game at 8 or 9th march in the mobile and its on the computer too. I'll tell you all the characters in the game freddy fazbear bonnie bunny chica the chicken foxy the pirate foxy these are all in the 1st game. The Creator is Scott Cawthon lets not get too far with the game. My top 5 favorite youtubers are   5.i ballistic squid 4.stampylonghead 3.smike   2. thediamondminecart 1.popularmmos. You should check them out. They don't swear. Dont watch stampys old videos the old vids there are 4 vids that he swears in lovely world videos 1-5.  Stampy is my favorite youtube. Every weekend i get 4 or 8$ me and my brother are saving up for an xbox360 or a laptop. You would be thinking why im getting a xbox 360 instead of a one people are saying 360 is better than a one but i don't really know i think there  equal. I live in canada north america. Guys tell me should i get an xbox 360 or a laptop? My first video on youtube is called at my uncles house for three days. Vlog#1 i have more  videos like khalid-and-basit-being-awsome vlog#3 before i moved i made this video with my one of my closest friend. vlog #1 at my uncles house for three days vlog ... - YouTube  my first video byee.                                                                        

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Abeer

In august  2005 I was born I grew up to love sports and have some really good friends I was so in to sports in my childhood I was really  a pest but over the years I got to love reading and writing at the age of 3 I moved in to a small apartment. After 4 years I  got a new house I always was so eager to  get one I  moved schools at the age of 5 I moved school after preschool oh! I forgot to introduce myself abeer is my name. I loved to be a pest that no one but my mom appreciated and still does but I wasn't a bad pest I was a good  pest other words I was confident and proud to be loud so what do you think???????????

Blogger of the Day- Keira

all about me

hello my name is keira.I like to do lots of things.Like jump roping and hoola hooping.

I like to go outside with my frends. I like to go swimming with my family. In the summer

i can have sleepovers. With my friends and family like my cuisine. The think i like at school is reese. I like skip counting and i like writing stories.I have written 2 stories. I am starting a story called the frog that could not jump. My dad gave me the title i am doing good in my story. There are so many things that you can do in the summer. the best thing i like about summer is there is no school. You can go on trips i might go to winnipeg and . I might go to LARonge to see my uncles new babe. We might go camping i love camping. do you like to camp?. me and my family stay for a weekend. how long do you stay?. I love to spend time with my family. In summer i like to have water fights water balloon fights. .

hope you like it    from keira. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Puneet

All About Me Puneet

Hi my name is Puneet. I like to go outside when it is warm like in summer,spring,and fall. My favourite sizin is fall what’s your’s. I like fall because the levas turn different colors like yellow and orange.My sacend favourit  sizin is spring can you guess why?I like spring because birds come back after their long flight and flowers bloom.

My fave show is winx club and my fave character is bloom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Aaliyah

All About me

Hi my name is Aaliyah. I like to play at parks because they're fun. my favourite food is tacos i love them. I like pink it is a nice color. My best friends are Keira and Jade there nice. My birthday is in may i love my birthday month.I am 8 years old. My teacher is so nice. My favourite holiday is easter.Thats way i love  my self.

The End