Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Dominick

Dominick's Home

Hi my name is Dominick did you know  people come and play with me at my house and we play games outside.

My favorite game is call of duty 2 and 1 and LBP2 and 1 and 3 and everybody knows fan f3 and 2 and1.  My favorite place is chucke cheese pizza place. My favorite food is ice cream chicken hot dogs pizza lasagna.

end yeah

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Jaydee

Hello my name is Jaydee. My favourite thing to do is plaing vedeogames on  weekends sometimes me and my sister Shondray and Kobe and mom and dad go to Mushm and Kookums house. I am cree. Mushm means grampa Kookum means grama. Sometimes my cousin Wade is there too. Mushm has a trampoline. Me and Wade and Kobe jump on it and resul. My Mushm has a farm. He has hay bales, we like to climb on them. We like to go on the quad  we go to a creek and catch frogs. In the winter we go to a snowy hill. Mushm found it a long time ago when he was 12. Kookum makes the best bannock ever!  I like it with jam. I like school my favourite thing to do in school is playing with my friends and doing math. After school I go home. I have a pool and a hot tub my pool is frozen.My hot tub works, my pool gets fixed on may 13 on my birthday. When is your birthday? bye!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Liisa

We are learning about blogging in the Grade 3 class right now. We came up with our classroom blogging rules and talked about the importance of sharing our writing with others. Each student will get a chance to write a blog post in our Daily 5 time when it is their blogging day. Our first blogging task is for the students to introduce themselves. Today the blogger was Liisa. Enjoy!

My Blog:
Hi,my name is Liisa! My favourite activity in school is math! I love going to school every day of my life and if I have to go to school in the rain I would. I like going to school because I love learning new things every day! Anyway I really want spring to come because I really miss splashing in the puddles,cartwheeling through the grass,and seeing the sun! My favourite colour is the dark beautiful purple. My favourite activities are  reading,writing,drawing,math,science,and health! My class is awesome because we are always positive,and kind! I hope that your class is positive too! See you next time!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Fun!

February was a whirl wind of a month! It was busy in the Grade 3 room with lots of new experiences and challenges. It was a month filled with 

-Fun Sock Friday's
-Swimming lessons
-New technology experiences
-Art projects
-New virtues to focus on
-Research projects and presentations
-Record breaking activities
-New Phys-Ed games
-New books that we read 
-Valentine's Day parties
-Science experiments
-Measurment Scavenger Hunts 
-Lot's of laughter!