Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sites for Students

There are a lot of great sites out there to give students extra practice at home and to benefit parents as well. Below is a list of sites that might come in handy for you! Just click on the picture and it will direct you to the website.

Dr. George Ferguson Homepage

  • Check out our school website for important reminders, upcoming events, and useful links!
  • The site can be used for doing important tasks such as making online payments, viewing the calendar, and accessing your child's Google account

Regina Public Library Kid Space

  • This site has access to games, activities, and stories for kids
  • Check the site for updates on any upcoming events and activities for kids to take part in!

Raz Kids

  • A great site for reading at the right level!
  • Teacher Username: abrace6

  • A site for reading, word practice, math practice and much more!

Tumble Books

  • A site dedicated to reading! 
  • Ask your child for the username and password 

Horizon School Division Math Games

  • This is a site created by the Horizon School Division that has access to math games and activities for every Saskatchewan curriculum strand


  • A great site that has a lot of fun educational games and activities

Kids Know It

  • This site has a lot activities and games for a range of different subjects and themes

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tweets from George

Last week our school had a book launch to commemorate Dr. George Ferguson's book, The Wood Fairies Christmas Deed- a story written 80 years ago. It was a celebratory event joined by Robert George Ferguson's grandchildren, Lung Association members, Regina Public School board members, and the K-3 students and staff. The book launch consisted of Dr. George Ferguson's great granddaughter sharing an excerpt of the book, a presentation from the Lung Association, a video message from Ferguson's daughter, and cake for everyone!

The Grade 3 students enjoyed preparing for the event by learning about Dr. R. George Ferguson's life and celebrating his name in a creative way. In preparation for the event, the Grade 3 students researched Ferguson's life on the computers and documented important aspects about him and his life accomplishment's on Google Classroom. The students took the interesting information they found and created "tweets" from his perspective. They imagined what Dr. Robert George Ferguson would have "tweeted" if Twitter was used while he was alive.

Some tweets included:
"I am having a great day with my wife and children at my cottage"
"I was awarded for helping SK and I have a lovely wife named Helen #mylife"
"I am having a lovely day because I am having fun with my kids #7kids"
"I am the Great Medicine Man #Robert"

The students were not only creative with the final product, but through the process they also collaborated, inquired, and inferred while they were investigating his life. They were excited to learn about such an honourable man and all of his accomplishments in the medical field. They learned about his desire to help all tuberculosis patients in Saskatchewan and around the world, and his dedication to assisting people in need. Dr. Robert George Ferguson was a noble man who is looked up to by many. It is an honour to be apart of a school named after such an inspiring person.

Please take a look at the wonderful article written about the event on the Regina Public School website.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Highlights and Happenings of October

We had busy, fun-filled October! Take a look at what we were up to this month:

  •  In Daily 5, we started up our Guided Reading groups. We continue to become better readers and writers with our daily practice. We are also improving at our independence!
  • In Math, we started to reach the end of our Numbers to 1000 unit. We also began our Number of the Day practice by showing our math skills with a new number every math class.
  •  We learned more about Urban and Rural communities in Social Studies this month and started to learn the differences between each of them.
  •  We are starting a new program in Health called Friends for Life. More information about the program will be posted later on. Mr. Jim Appleby is helping out with the unit as well.
  • For Arts Ed this month we based a lot of our art projects around events that happened in October, such as Fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.
  • For daily updates on our learning experiences, remember to follow us on Twitter-
  • If you haven't done so already, please sign up for Remind for updates and reminders!
Click on the photo slideshow below to get a better idea of what the month of October looked like in the grade 3 class!
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