Monday, June 22, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Skylar

My favorite food is mcdonalds. My favorite game is dragon city it is really fun it has dragons. My favorite school is doctor ferguson .I Love my grama!!! and my mom and grampa.What do you like.I like montreal do you like montreal?. I live with my grandma do you  live with your grama? How many friends do you have? I have 6. Do you have a brother?  or a sister? .Do you have a 100$? I used to have a 100 $.How many teeth did you lose? I lost 6 and have 14 left. Thanks for reading this. I hope you have a good day. from skylar

Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogger of the Day- Karter

all about me
this is my first blog and i hope you like it. When i was little my life was fun and also hard i had a couple twists and a couple fun memories but when i started to grow up i had to do chores and it's not that hard when i set my mind to doing what i  had to i started to do chores when i was 6 i started to do chores and everyone has to do them once and a while but heres my blog i hope you had your fun memories of when you were little and this is my blog  

Blogger of the Day- Colten

i like school.i have a dog. i have a brother.i have a brother name is regan.i have a mom.i like to play socre.i like to play game.i have NHL 15.